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henscor precision machining gage inspection

We’re a high precision, production contract manufacturer specializing in the laser, medical, industrial, and transportation industry.

As an OEM, nation-wide clients trust in our commitment of providing value through manufacturing consultations, ability to hold tight trustolerances, and management of high volume production- coordinating multiple components in supply chains.

With more than 28 years of machining for the aerospace, ultrasonic technology, and defense sector, Henscor’s co-founder developed a strong reputation for scientific & medical industry grade workmanship, and surface quality.

henscor opto-mechancial parts, laser brass electrodes, lens holders


We deliver the best looking opto-mechanical components for the best looking prices. Experienced handling prevents dents & blemishes.


henscor mammogram x-ray machine supply chain manufacturing and testing


Our machines hold dimensions and tight tolerances on large runs. Projects include mammogram machines and dental chairs, among others.


henscor manufactures industrial parts for ultra sonic welding, color dye filters, textile machines, and mountain bikes


Cost and “the ability to produce & deliver” are your main concerns. Our expertise meets that, and includes excellent customer reputation.


henscor solved manufacturing design problem on a precision cast part for luxury automotive company Mercedes-Benz and BMW and manufactured it for them


Henscor’s team engineered a production system for components in Mercedes-Benz hardtop convertible cars: 160,000 units contract.


Henscor solved a fixturing problem for our casted parts that resulted in spot-on prefection. Given the large quantity and complexity, Henscor’s the only one we trust to make them for us.

quality engineer, oem automotive supplier

They’re easy to work with and respond quickly. That’s important because we're based far away. We continuously order from Henscor because of our excellent experiences.

production manager, scientific instruments co

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